March 28, 2008

Day Care - An Entrepreneurs Dream….Here's How It Works!


Start small but think big!  Easier said than done you say.  Well, not so oh ye of little faith.  Most of us are wasting time sitting on the fence (pretty darn uncomfortable huh?), afraid to take the leap into the realm of self employment.  We choose to 'play it safe', focussing on the potential negatives and downsides of starting a business to the point where we can no longer see the wood for the trees nor the immense possiblilty just waiting to be grasped. 

Starting a day care offers you a swipe at the immense possibility and it doesn't have to be terrifying.  My moto: take one baby step at a time and before you know it…you'll be sprinting.  But take that first step!  You can control the fear by starting small, taking on only as much as you feel comfortable with and, as your confidence and competence grows, so will your business.  It is a wonderfully organic process.  Start at home alone, expand your numbers and hire an assistant, expand your numbers again and rent a church or community hall, business plan in hand buy a premises thus tying real estate investment into your day care empire!!  This is all possible and achievable at your selected pace.  So, best shoes on and step out!

Needless to say my products make that first step a lot more imminent and a lot easier :-)


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