Importance Of Day Care Name And Sign


You need a marketing plan for your day care if you are going to survive and continue attracting clients …unless you have the four leaved clover that I've been looking for (give it back!).  Successful marketing is an ongoing, set of processes that, once set in place, are easily maintained on a consistent basis. Consistency is the key to ensuring that you have a permanent, visible presence in the marketplace.

I tend to divide my marketing into two main categories – local and internet.  So, let's start with the local based stuff by going back to basics and talking about branding your business.  While some of this may seem pretty obvious it actually raises key issues that many people gloss over.  A vital consideration before you begin is deciding on a name and logo for your day care business. 

Don't forget this will hopefully remain with you for a long time to come and become synonomous with those qualities you consider integral to your business.  So, you need to decide if your name will denote clean cut, expert professionalism?  Or maybe you wish to portray your business as a happy, child friendly realm of fun and frolics?  Perhaps your image will be one of a warm, nurturing and caring home from home? Either way, your day care name will need to reflect those qualities.

The next logical step in your local marketing plan is signage – and the power of a good sign should never be underestimated.  This is a once off investment that will pay dividends for years to come.  Your sign should be a snap shot of what is great about your business i.e. professional, expert, caring, warm, homely. 

I would consider having multiple signs made (including temporary correx signs and banners should the need arise for specific events).  Look into installing
signs in areas of high visibilty (check what permits are required first).  See if any local businesses would be willing to display your sign for free. I have had many clients come back to register their kids with me as a result of passing my signs over the years.  I stuck in their minds when it came to day care…and that's what you want!


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January 27, 2009

Alyssa Harris @ 3:24 pm #

i think that this is a great website to get a daycare started. im opening my own child care center and i need help with coming up the a catchy little name for it. its gonna be a christian based facility were the kids come to learn….also a teaching facility. Please Help!!

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