Day Care Licensing And Certification – What You Need To Know

Day care licensing (or day care certification) knowledge and information is a necessary prerequisite if you wish to start a day care.  Adequate preparation translates into a much smoother day care licensing application procedure and a better chance of success.  You will discover, through thorough research, whether or not you are suited to starting a day care business as well as all the necessary requirements you must have in place for a day care license. 

Before you begin the process give some thought to your suitability and ponder the following;  how much do you like children (do you like them ten hours a day like them??).  Are you super patient,capable of withstanding an ongoing onslaught or are you likely to be popping valium within a week?  Are you truly up for the massive responsibility that is the safety of someone else's precious angel?  Do you have a clone on standby for your vacations/nervous breakdowns?  Are your family likely to move out?

So, you're satisfied you have the nerves of steel required and are ready to leap into the day care licensing application process.  International and state day care licensing requirements, application procedures and regulations vary and you’ll need to do the research for your area. Ofsted deal with UK licensing: and in Ireland the Health Service Executive handle day care registration applications.  Information on all USA day care licensing and day care certification can be found here: and Canada here: 

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September 10, 2008

I'm always amazed that the preschool teachers at my daughter's school can do it. I don't know how I would deal with a room full of 3 year olds, day after day!

Plus, an at-home daycare owner also is a business owner and must deal with the logistics & marketing. I wonder if a lot of day care owners don't know what they are in for! :)

~ ElizabethPW