Why Daycare Regulations Are Important And Necessary.




Daycare regulations, like it or not, are necessary.  Many view them as an inconvenience, designed to make our lives more difficult and a constant reminder of the increasing red tape in our day care businesses.  Although our world in general appears to becoming more bureaucracy happy much of this legislation exists for a reason.  More importantly, much of it is there to help protect those who are most vulnerable in our society.

Daycare regulations, however, really only ensure that the minimum standards of care are being met.  There is much above and beyond the stated rules that can be done to improve the quality of care and early education children are receiving.  I like to think of the regulations and my inspection reports as guidelines, tools for updating the service I provide. 

I  don’t view them as a criticism of what I do but as a priceless workbook that inspires and aids me to further improve upon what I am doing.  Consider what many companies pay consultants to update their systems, procedures, quality control and effectiveness.  We get it all through our daycare regulations and inspections.  So, stop viewing them as the enemy and start embracing your free pass to providing the perfect day care service.

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September 3, 2008

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