Daycare Franchises? Montessori Day Care? So Many Choices!


So, you're biting the bullet, quitting the 9 – 5 and starting your day care however, you're only now realizing what you've let yourself in for as you survey the mounting tasks and decisions to be made e.g. are daycare franchises for you, should you have a montessori day care as opposed to other curriculums and numerous other weighty questions.

Turnkey, tried and tested, lots of hand holding – all make a day care franchise vey appealing.   Customer loyalty is more easily acquired thanks to instant brand recognition. Licensing, staff/owner training, building selection, getting funding, the building process and actually opening your business will be covered in the development process. 

Ongoing direction and support for staff may be included in the package along with a proprietary curriculum and building design templates.  Operations manuals will make hitting the ground running a breeze and having the use of a recognized brand for advertising may well mean a busy opening day. Home office support can be part of come franchises also.  For more on the daycare franchises and montessori day care curriculum question read my article:



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It is also much easier to get financing with a franchise like Montessori that is SBA approved. Going the independent route is very hard from a financing perspective in this credit crisis.


July 31, 2010

Daycare Grants @ 10:36 am #

There are currently a little over 3,000 Federally-funded and private grants. Some of them are geared towards financing a business, especially daycare centers. Research the Internet and you will find one or two that will fit your requirements. Check them out!

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