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I spoke to a local day care owner today who is opening a daycare center.  Yes, she is an existing daycare operator with a fine creche and afterschool situated in a converted house and two mobile homes.  However, she is bravely venturing into the realm of custom daycare center on a grand scale.

Positioned centrally on a commercial lot she is constructing a massive, 7,000+ square foot daycare center complete with all mod cons.  Each age group will have it's own room (with multiple rooms for the afterschool service) and all custom designed by the lady herself because, after years of on the ground experience, she knows exactly what she wants, what works and what doesn't. 

What I really loved about her concept is the ingenious way she had designed her play areas.  Each age group will also have their own outdoor play ground plus a  gym will be installed for indoor activities (always handy for the bad weather) complete with a theater for those creative and imaginative forays.  Staff and parents haven't been forgotten either thanks to the inclusion of a welcoming reception area and relaxing staff quarters.

Speaking to this fiercely entrepreneurial woman made me realise the importance of vision, fearlessness and experience when opening a daycare center.  Combine all of those traits and you're on a winner!

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