October 16, 2008

Making Puppets For Day Care

Puppets can mean many things to preschool children.  Puppet play can lead to increased self expression and creativity.  It can instill a love of dramatics, encourage speech from otherwise reluctant orators and greatly improve communication between teachers and children.  Home made puppets are best especially when children can assist in their creation.  Generally, puppets fall into four different categories.

Hand puppets - are somewhat like a three fingered glove comprising a fabric body with a hole for each arm and one for the head.  Simply trace around a child's hand for size and use a small, light ball, foam or polystyrene ball for the head.  Cut a hole in the ball to accommodate fingers and encase the ball in fabric so you can stitch or draw a face and hair.  You can go wild with the fabrics you use for the body and have detachable features so that one puppet can be many characters. 

Read more in my article here: http://www.childcareonly.com/education/puppet-making-for-your-day-care/



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