October 24, 2008

What Is The Role Of The Day Care Worker?

Working in a day care means juggling multiple roles and relationships in conjunction with all the daily duties and responsibilities inherent in childcare - hope you weren't hoping for an easy life!  But what exactly is the role of the day care worker and what are the significant relationships that must be nurtured in order for a harmonious, safe and effective environment to exist?

The first major relationship that springs to mind is that of the worker/child.  A worker should never be content to simply be a caregiver but should see their function as encompassing the enrichment of the child's experience through facilitating the creative, learning and play environment.  A caring, warm and consistent personality is essential and should be cultivated. 

Many and varied are the necesary skills of the day care worker.  These inlcude an eagle eye on a safe environment,  the ability to faciliate the learning of the independent child, giving that child the necessary support to participate in learning activities, encouraging individuality and self confidence, recognizing that each child develops at their own pace, encouraging caring personalities in the classroom and buckets of patience.

These are just some of the skills required to work with children successfully and meaningfully so if you are not ticking all the boxes you might want to consider another career. We'll talk about the other relationships of the day care worker in another post (oh yeah, there's more!!)

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