Preparing For Day Care Toileting Accidents

Every day care operator is familiar with the dreaded words 'I've had an accident' or 'I didn't make it to the toilet'.  Toileting accidents are part and parcel of the preschool experience as valiant little ones embark on the whole potty training procedure and seasoned toileters lapse.

These leakages occur for a variety of reasons including untrained bladders/bowels not sending the message to the brain fast enough, kids being just too busy playing and learning to want to go to the pesky bathroom and simply because a child is having a bad day (happens to us all).  Either way, we day care owners must be on hand to clean up both child and bathroom, comfort with encouraging words and get smiles back on faces as confidence rebuilding occurs. 

So, what simple steps can we take to minimize toileting accidents and ease the clean up process.  Key here is to be up to speed on each child's level of development, aware of their routines and prepared to offer frequent reminders to go to the potty.  Even if they child doesn't actually 'go' you are getting them into the habit of regular toilet visits.  And every attempt should be gently congratulated.  Be aware of the 'busy bees' who are so excited about their activities in the class room that they hold it, and hold it until…………

Have a toileting emergency pack to hand near each potty area including disposable shoe covers, gloves, sanitizer, cloths and large absorbent tissues …for a quick clean up.  Have plastic bags in this pack for the soiled clothing and have easy access to the child's spare clothes bag (a toilet training child should have at least 3 sets of clothes). Don't forget to sanitize the bottom of little shoes that may have walked in the offending substances!!

All the above can help to ease everyone through these little dramas.  Now, have a pottytastic day!!

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5 Responses to “Preparing For Day Care Toileting Accidents”

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  2. Patti says:

    I will have a pottytastic day, thank you very much! Thanks for posting so positively about something that stresses out a lot of grown-ups. Having just had a week at school that involved more accidents than usual, I'm glad to know it's not just me!

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  4. Jenny says:

    our son is already potty trained cept for poopin. plus i can't afford daycare.

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