Formulating A Day Care Mission Statement


You're starting a day care service and have everything in place, all the nuts and bolts are ordered, staff ready to go  but have you considered one of the most important aspects of your infant business – formulating your mission statement.
Your mission statement is unique to you, your style and beliefs.  It provides you with direction in your day to day business affairs, reminding you regularly of the goals you have set, the values important to you and the standards you expect from everyone attached to your organisation. 

Your mission statement should be printed out and posted somewhere everyone can see it.  Prominently displayed, it will be a constant reminder of the priniciples applicable to all.  It will act as a signpost for staff ensuring your purpose and goals are not forgotten.  Parents and visitors will be instantly informed of the principles and values of, and reason for, your service.

When formulating your day care mission statement, keep it simple and succinct.  This way it is easier for people to remember and understand it.  Start with the reason for your service.  Why does it exist?  What purpose will it serve?  What needs will you set yourself up to cater for?

Next identify what you will do in your service to address those needs.  Talk about the people whose needs you are addressing and how your service will be of benefit to them.  Finally, explain what values will be the bedrock of your service and what your beliefs are that will guide the service and people associated with it.

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July 18, 2009

Helene @ 10:21 am #

A mission statement is a must for any business. Thanks for your contribution to The Work at Home Family Carnival.

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