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Hair Extraction Can Be a Stimulator for Inflammation Within the Follicle. When the Hair is Removed, Bacteria and Other Matter Can Clog the Follicle and Cause Infection .

by Patrick Martindill

The thought of shaving or waxing a body part can make people grimace. Women who are intimate with waxing know full well the sense of having the wax separated from a body part; it is forever burned in after the first pull. Why do people go through with such a dreadful hair removal technique? Shaving isn't much more appetizing for people.

Waxing can remove hair for up to a month at a time which is highly alluring for a person on the move, but shaving is an everyday routine for men and women alike. Not many men on the planet will tell you they look forward to scraping their faces with a razor blade. The reason hair removal can be painful and annoying is due to the appearance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Waxing is a uncomplicated hair removal procedure. It involves spreading hot wax over the part of the body you want hair removed from. A piece of cloth is then placed over the area and permitted to connect itself to the cooling wax. Once the wax has reached the correct temperature, the cloth is ripped off in a quick motion, taking with it the wax, hair, and root all at the same time. This can cause disorders due to the unexpected shock to the follicle. Hair is literally ripped out, making it a optimum target for inflammation.

Hot wax feels uncomfortable when it is applied but ask anyone who has gone through the procedure and they will tell you the actual hair removal is the painful part of the procedure. Many men who monthly wax their backs or chests will tell you of the strong discomfort associated with having a hair pulled out from the root. Women who frequent the ocean during the summer months or who work out regularly in skimpy clothing will tell you too of the annoyance associated with removing pubic hairs from the root. Why do people go through this pain and discomfort?

Shaving is an everyday reality for most people. Whether you are a man or a woman , chances are that there is one part of your body where regular hair removal is needed. No matter how many times you shave a body part, cuts and razor bumps are always possible. Red inflammations and unattractive bumps can develop after shaving for several reasons. Excessive strokes over one area is one of the biggest culprits of the bumps, it is an incredible sharp object making contact with your skin after all. The biggest advantage of waxing over shaving is the time it takes for the hair to regenerate.

Normally, it takes hairs from 4 to 8 weeks to return to the point where you need to renew the process. When the hairs grow back in, they are normally softer and finer than before. Repeated waxing might eventually make the hairs so fine and soft that they never grow back in. People normally spend 5 minutes a day shaving which equals about 30 minutes a week. Imagine telling a person they could save 2 hours a month in the bathroom by going through this procedure. It's a no brainer for some people who are very occupied. Shaving every day can be a problem for many people, it takes time and patience to shave every morning. Waxing provides a safe alternative to daily shaving habits and any other procedures used to remove hair.

There are some negative side effects linked with waxing and shaving. Ingrown hairs, red bumps, rashes, and in some cases, bleeding can materialize after these techniques of hair removal. This is more frequent among hairy men who go through the hair removal methods since their hairs are generally thicker and stronger. Short hair is easier to extract considering its proximity to the root. The first couple times shaving or waxing may generate the most skin issues but continued diligence should lead to fewer skin issues.

Shaving can cause the top of the hair to come in sideways below the skin, which can cause distress and also an infection. This is known as an ingrown hair. When someone is suffering the pain of ingrown hairs, you can't apply water to the affected areas without feeling the burn. Some people invariably scratch the inflicted parts, making the redness and pain worsen

Now, since these techniques of hair removal can cause inflammations, people need a remedy that can be absorbed quickly into the skin and help protect the matrix of the skin through cellular regeneration. Thanks to a new ingredient found in natural skin care products, you can help repair inflammations and razor bumps.

Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates is a complex compound amassed from a Chilean land snail. The serum, when applied to the skin, acts as a skin regenerating activator. The glycoconjugates contain natural antimicrobial peptides that fight infection inside hair follicles. If someone suffers from follicle inflammations after hair removal, administration of the natural skin care ingredient will kill bacteria and other agents that may promote redness or pain.

Enzymes found in the glycoconjugates clear clogged pores and sanction the removal of dead or dying cells found inside. The enzymes promote new cellular growth in place of the dead or digested cells. Skin renewal is important in order to clean out existing issues inside follicles.

Skin regenerating copper peptides expedite messages to the body in order to remodel the integrity of tissues inflamed by razor bumps or razor burns. While regenerating the skin, new collagen and elastin fibers are generated to help repair and renew the basal layer of the skin. Glycoproteins found in the compound bar inflammation by killing bacteria on the skin. These are essential elements in the fight against razor bumps and razor burn.

Shaving and waxing are a necessity in today's world. Shaggy facial hair and body hair is looked down upon by society. With these hair removal processes, there come side effects. Razor burn and razor bumps can be aided with the daily application of a natural skin care ingredient collected from a unique source. The serum inhibits bacteria on the skin and inside follicles, while also regenerating cellular growth inside the pore, lessening the effects of these conditions. Shaving and waxing are essential, suffering from painful side effects of hair removal is not.

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Published April 30th, 2007

Filed in Family, Health, Kid, Women

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