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The hidden benefits of subscription services online

by Menlo Lippowski

Does it make sense to use a magazine subscription service? I am a huge fan of magazines, so, the idea of getting magazines at a substantial discount is very appealing. Especially, when I travel, which is extensively for work, magazines are an amazing way to pass the time while waiting on line in airports or for cabs.

Beyond relaxing, magazines are a surefire way to stay on top of the latest trends and pop culture. Books are fine when the topic is older; however, they are way behind when it comes to the latest trends. One of my favorite magazines, Robb Report magazine subscriptions provides the finest luxury items on the market today. Sometimes, the products are so new that they are not even for sale, yet. It's easy to get lost in your dreams when you read a magazine like the Robb Report. The beautiful cars, like the newest Testarossa - or Testaroni as it was called on Miami Vice, or the hottest getaway spot for the rich and famous. Just because you have money doesn't mean that you want to waste it. That's one of the beautiful things about magazine subscriptions when you use an online discount savings service, you don't pay retail.

And, please, don't forget your wife. My wife loves the idea of an Esquire magazine gift subscription. If you are struggling to come up with a gift idea that is long lasting, not so expensive and relates to the person's personal interests, give a magazine subscription, and they will think of you all year long as the magazines comes usually every month depending on what you buy. Esquire, as you may know, always has the famous, the infamous, the influential, and the up and coming. It spotlights the movers and shakers in sports, industry, design and film. The writers are fabulous and include the caliber of writers you find in other magazines like Vanity Fair (like Dominick Dunne and Gail Sheehy). Also, their photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Herb Ritts have won numerous awards.

Another magazine subscription that is absolutely indispensible is New Man magazine subscription. New Man is the best Christian Men's Magazine bar none. The magazine is dedicated to helping men complete their roles as God intended in their families, churches, careers, and communities. This is a first class publication that is absolutely delightful every time I read it. Now, I can get every issue right to my mailbox. This is what I call luxury living.

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Published August 24th, 2007

Filed in Kid, Women

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