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Ipod Accessories - The Best Ones On The Market

by Edson Buchanan

You got an iPod! It's a great gadget, and you really like the smooth interface, the high-quality sound, the amount of storage you've got for your files, and the way you can keep pictures and documents on it. Hey--you did know that, right? You can open your iPod on your laptop just like a CD or a flash drive, and drag your other files right onto it.

Using iPod accessories, you can do even more with your iPod. However, with all of the choices that come up when you search the internet for "iPod accessories,"how do you find the right ones? How can you find the iPod add ons and replacement parts that you want, and how do you determine whether an item is compatible with the device you own? The best test is to try including your iPod's specific model name and generation in your search.

What can you purchase? In the way of swapping out broken parts, the only items that you can do that with are the screen, batteries and headphones. If they are under warranty, you definitely want to get the iPod maker to repair it for you. Also, the quality of the headphones really affects the listening experience- spend money to get what you want. Make sure you get a quality item, and don't fall for hyped-up sales pitches that don't deliver a quality product.

There is wide variety of iPod accessories on the market today. Look for things like armband holders to make keeping your tunes with you while you work out easier, to rubber or leather skins that protect the iPod from bumping or dropping, to plastic films that keep it from getting scratched. Another item that has been around for a long time is an iPod docking station. These portable systems with speakers let you turn your iPod into a stereo system. Even automobile manufacturers are making it easy to hook up your device directly to the car with a built-in connection.

There are also plenty of choices of electronic add ons, whether you want to track your mileage during your daily run or use a DJ mixing table. One notable gap in the variety of products on offer--no GPS receiver! You can surprisingly often find the best stuff on the manufacturer's website, although it's always a good idea to do some price comparison before you purchase, as you might even find something better.

For those who want to take it to the next level, consider altering your music player from Apple. You will learn many hints, including ways to add a separate operating system to please those more technically inclined. If you are better with your hands, you can replace a piece or two and end with a device for those more exacting about their listening experiences. Remember that any of these items will void your warranty, so be aware of the consequences!

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Published April 10th, 2008

Filed in Family, Kid

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