Compensating Child Care Staff


Anyone who runs a child care business knows how important your staff are. The right staff are invaluable, priceless. They are the face and backbone of your day care business. Without them you wouldn’t have a business. You want to reward them, to thank them for doing what they do but you can’t afford to pay them any more. Fear not…there are other, non-monetary ways to show your appreciation and brighten up their day.

Sometimes the smallest, simplest gestures speak loudest and mean more. Tell them you appreciate them. Thank them for what they do. Tell them they are doing a fantastic job. We forget to say those simple words. All too often we assume they already know. Well, guess what…they ain’t psychic and everyone’s insecure so a little compliment goes a long way.

Have staff appreciation days. Set up lavish breakfasts of muffins, scones, pancakes, coffee in the day care staff room and place a thank you note on the table. Arrange to cover and allow people to take extended breaks or lunches. Where possible allow a couple of staff to go together for company. Whenever you can allow them to go home early by relieving them (especially on a Friday or holiday weekend). Ideally, award every member of staff a half day off each month – call it a mental health day.

Ensure your facility is a happy, cheery environment to work in. If necessary brighten it up with a lick of paint. Observe staff for signs of burn out or discontent and nip it in the bud. Talk to them and try to find out what’s eating them. Maybe they just need a few days off, or a change of classroom.

All they above won’t cost you much more than a bit of effort on your part but won’t it be worth it to have a team of happier staff.



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