Day Care Daily Necessities


There are certain things that either your child care facility will provide or you will ask the parents to bring in (or a combination of both). These are the necessary items each chld requires every day and which should be brought to day care or child care service.

Their little bags should contain:
* a change of clothes (more than one if training)
* pacifier, bottles, blankie (all only if required)
* Sun hat in summer
* Sun cream if required
* Coat
* Hat

If in diapers parents should be sure and leave an adequate supply of diapers, wipes and any creams.
Check your stocks regularly and have a sign posted on your notice board with parents names and a list of all the items so you only need place a tick in the box of whatever item is running low.
Keep each child’s supplies in their own labelled basket so there is no mixing up.
Have a lost and found box and leave it in the hall as, despite your best intentions, you will end up with an assortment of bobbins, small toys and clothes.

Last, but not least, make sure the parents also remember to bring the kids to the day care everyday too!!!



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