Day Care Worker Role, Responsibilities And Relationships


 If you are searching for a cushy career then swerve steadily away from childcare because this is one career that involves a lot of work and responsibilities as well as the ability to nurture various relationships and roles.  A safe and effective day care environment depends upon the intricate role of the day care worker and all the complex relationships inherent in same.

 The first major relationship that springs to mind is that of the worker/child.  A worker should never be content to simply be a caregiver but should see their function as encompassing the enrichment of the child's experience through facilitating the creative, learning and play environment.  A caring, warm and consistent personality is essential and should be cultivated.

 Many and varied are the necessary skills of the day care worker. Lots of patience tops the list followed by the ability to encourage independent learning, provision of a safe and hygienic environment, encouraging self confidence and individuality, supporting children to take part in the learning process, an awareness that developmentally all children are different and the cultivation of a caring ethos in the classroom. 

Day care workers must be capable of working together harmoniously.  The needs of the children are paramount and as such effective teamwork is essential.  The major elements of the workers’ relationships are understanding, respect and cooperation.  Chaos and confusion can ensue should one person misunderstand or disrespect the objectives and focus of the day care service.  

 Planning and reviewing sessions will encourage positive interaction and communication between staff which will include positive criticism and ideas for improvement.  Daily communication can mean passing information verbally or via a comment book.  Of course regular evaluation of staff by management is needed to monitor progress and ensure continuing standards.

 Management should encourage, and make accessible, ongoing and relevant childcare training for all staff (who will already be suitably qualified from the outset).  This brings us to the incredibly important area of support and supervision of staff.  A senior member of staff should be available in a mentor/supervisor role, a healthy working place both physically and emotionally should exist, management should be approachable and pay adequate – all this leads to the environment necessary for workers to perform their duties effectively. 

 The parent/worker relationship is one often underestimated and even ignored.  The best interests of the child depend upon successful and open communication between workers and parents.  The healthy development of the child requires a holistic approach with all parties on the same page.  Clear and concise day care policies and procedures should be readily available for parents so there are no gray areas. All parental involvement and input should be welcomed and encouraged. 

These are just some of the skills required to work with children successfully and meaningfully so if you are not ticking all the boxes you might want to consider another career. There is a lot to think about when considering a career in childcare however, for the right personality this can be a very rewarding and satisfying profession.



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