Designing Your Day Care Toddler or Wobbler Room


The Woddler Room is for children from 1 year upwards in small intimate groups (childcare regulation ratios should apply). The environment should conform to the physical needs of the children, both in the size of the furnishings and in the opportunities for motor development. Ensure maximum natural light and defined spaces to challenge co-ordination of movement.

Rotate the toys so children don’t get bored with the same ones. Have the current toys on low shelves where the children can reach them. Perhaps have a little room divider so that at certain times of the day the more mobile children can dance and ride on small bikes etc whilst the crawlers are corralled in a safe area.

We set this room up for nap time i.e. we don’t have a separate nap room and find this works well. Have fold up cots (pricey but worth it) so they are stacked away, not using up floor space when not needed. Same applies to high chairs. We have the most amazing high chairs that flip open and closed like a mobile phone and stack neatly together when not in use. Fantastic.

Children this age like to loll around the floor informally so have lots of mats and soft, low furnishing (really low so they can’t fall off). Have latches on the doors to prevent heads banged on opening and fingers caught on closing. Basically, anything goes with these guys – they’ll play with a piece of fabric so have fun being creative with equipment for this room. Just make sure it’s safe and clean.




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