Diaper Changing Routine for Your Day Care


It’s important to have an established and clear diaper changing routine in your day care or child care business. I recommend having set diaper changing times and regular checks in between. We have changes at 11.15am and then again at 4pm. Have a clip board by your diaper change area upon which you should have your diaper change sheet documenting each child, times changed and whether they were soiled or wet.

Be sure and have a step by step guide to changing a child posted on the wall. This is our changing routine and is intended merely as a guideline:

Diaper Changing Procedure

1 Ensure you have all supplies to hand
2 Wash hands
3 Put on latex gloves
4 Wipe front and back of changing mat plus surface of changing counter with sanitiser and cloth
5 Assist child to walk up steps to nappy change (do not lift children capable of walking)
6 Secure belt on child (keep your hand on child at all times)
7 Remove child’s lower garments and nappy
8 Place soiled nappy in airtight nappy bin
9 Wipe child clean of urine and faeces from front to back
10 Apply creams if necessary
11 Slide clean nappy underneath child, secure and put lower garments back on
12 Unfasten belt and assist child to descend the steps
13 Wipe front and back of changing mat plus surface of changing counter with sanitiser and cloth
14 Return all supplies
15 Assist child to wash hands
16 Remove gloves and wash your hands

All steps in this process MUST be followed. This is a health and safety requirement to prevent the spread of disease and infection. This is to protect the health and welfare of everyone in this facility.

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