Driveway Safety At Your Child Care Facility


It's unavoidable.  Whether you run a day care center or a child care service from your home you will face parents driving in and parking outside your facility in order to pick up or drop off their children.  The motorised vehicle has become, like it or not, a necessary requirement of our modern lives. 

The majority of your day care clients will arrive to your child care centre in a vehicle of some shape or size and this alone introduces a whole area of danger and health/safety issues.  Your job is to minimize the risk of an accident happening on your property.  This should be part of your day care pick up/drop off policy and you might consider including some of the following suggestions:

Signpost your driveway with speed limits – insist that parents drive at 5mph on your property.  It's not your problem if they're late or in a hurry.  If you see them zipping in speak to them immediately and insist they slow down. 

 Ask that parents not allow children to run around the driveway of the child care facility unsupervised – in fact, don't tolerate it.  If you see it happening, go outside and deal with the situation immediately. 

Request that parents hold children by the hand when walking to/from your day care. This eliminates the risk of a child dashing out under an approaching car.

Insist that parents never leave the keys in the car and absolutely never leave the engine running.  It is all to easy for a child to climb in, knock the car in gear and cause an accident. 

Be vigilant with regards to your driveway.  Remember, safety doesn't end at your front door.

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