Generating Extra Income at Your Day Care


If you have a day care or provide a child care service (or are thinking of starting a child care business) a great way to enhance your service is to consider extracurricular activites.

For example you could consider having Stretch n’ grow sessions (or other exercise franchises) where the franchisees (in our case two local ladies known personally to us) come to your facility once an week and do their tailor made activity programme with the children. You simply post a notice, take names and money from interested parents and allow use of your room. It is very important to always have a member of your staff present in the room supervising the activities (these people are not your staff and should never be left alone with the children). I tend to take a percentage of the total amount earned but that is something you can negotiate for yourself.

Another great opportunity for increasing the range of physical activities at your child care centre would be to have yoga classes for the children. Once again, have a local yoga teacher agree to take the class and take a percentage for providing the room and the business.

Or drama classes, basket ball, singing, the list goes on. Don’t forget to utilise the talents your staff may possess before outsourcing.

Add variety and learning experiences to the day by asking local experts to visit and speak at your day care,  Montessori, playschool or child care service. Perhaps the local college history professor could come and speak about the history of the area, or a local artist could do a workshop. These resources are in your local community – you just need to go find them. 




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