Ideas For Circle Time at Your Day Care – Part One


An overview of group activites for any child care service.

Group Lessons:

* Life cycles – butterfly/chicken/frog etc
* Seasons – what happens in each season i.e. plants, animals etc
* Festivals/important days/traditions
* Parts of the body
* Parts of animals
* Care of self- brushing teeth, washing hands etc
* Famous people and events
* Different countries/customs/food/flags/animals
* The solar system
* Recycling – reduce, reuse, recycle

Music and Movement:

* Warm up: Light stretching and exercise
* Action Songs; The wheels on the bus
Heads, shoulders, knees etc
If you’re happy and you know it
* Imagination Games: Bear hunt
Blackfoot Indians
All sit in a circle and decide on a topic i.e. holidays, animals, when I grow up, food etc
Then take turns describing what/who/where we are etc. Encourages imagination and cognitive play

* Nursery Train: Children line up around the room and think of their
favourite nursery rhyme character. The teacher walks around the room as the children pretend to be a train and everyone is singing ‘We’re on the train to nursery land, nursery land, nursery land. We’re on the train to nursery land. I wonder who we’ll meet. Who are you?’ Teacher stops at a child. The child pretends to be their favourite character, sings the rhyme and rejoins the train.

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