Day Care Nap Time Routine


Our child care service has a set nap time everyday from 12 noon for a couple of hours. We find this works really well and the children thrive on this routine. Exhausted from their early starts and active morning they eat dinner and eyes are closing as the last spoons go in.

The babies go in their cots in their room and the older kids have sleep mats. We call it ‘ Nap/rest time’ so while most children will sleep some of the older ones will lie down and rest and/or sit quietly with a book. Peace and tranquillity prevails throughout the day care at this time.

Sometimes it can take a new child a little while to settle into this routine particularly if they are a younger baby. This is where a dodie and blankie or cuddly toy comes in handy. We speak in low tones and soothe the baby with a gentle rubbing on the back for a few minutes, then leave for five minutes before returning with the same routine. Gradually, we leave for longer periods and eventually the child settles. It can sometimes take a couple of weeks and we often have to take up a child who will not sleep but eventually the sandyman and consistent routine kick in.

We have moveable room dividers which we place between each child to avoid ‘messin’. We have documented fifteen minute sleep checks on the babies where we go right up to the child’s face to ensure all is well.

Like I said this is a peaceful time and a great time for staff to take lunches and for those remaining on duty to catch up on some paperwork whilst monitoring the sleeping beauties.





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