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 Whether you’ve just started your daycare service or have been running one for years, two of the most frustrating things about running a service can be tracking all of your parents and children, and getting paid.  While you can be ahead of the game by keeping good records, simple bookkeeping is not the only answer. 

 The best way to manage your daycare business is to have an easy system, one that makes it easy for you to tell parents exactly how much they owe, and makes it very easy for parents to pay you.  Also, you should have a delicately way to remind parents when they haven’t paid their bills.  Ideally, the system would be all-in-one, so that you don’t have a lot of handwritten notes and reminders, and you don’t have to personally discuss matters with every parent that owes money. 

 Over the past few years, several “online invoicing” web sites have popped up that make ideal tools for managing daycare operation issues such as these.   These sites allow you to track a list of your parents/children and how much they owe you at any given time.  They also let you send great looking invoices to your parents by email and the parents can click on a link in the email to pay you over the internet.  Better yet, if the amount is mostly the same every week or month, you can set up “automatic billing” for these parents, so you really don’t have to manage it at all.  Nice, but it sounds complicated, right?  Well, these sites take care of everything for you, including sending the emails, invoice formats, accounts, payments and even payment reminder letters. The net result is that you ultimately you get paid faster with a lot less effort.

 Beyond tracking your parents/children, sending out invoices by email and getting paid online, you can also send “payment reminders” to your parents over email, using a standard letter format.  The standard letter is a nicely worded letter that gets the point across that they owe you money without sounding too harsh, and it does most of the hard work for you.  Of course, you can always change the letter to better suit your needs before sending it out.  For busy parents that you have to keep hounding to pay, this is a pretty ideal solution.  

 So, you really can manage your daycare business with a lot less effort.  I encourage you to try out one of these “online invoicing” web sites and experience a smoother operating experience.  Finally, you can focus more on the children!


Sanjay Kumar is a web-based application that lets you easily invoice your customers by email and get paid faster online.


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December 6, 2007

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