Personal Toys, Soothers and Pacifiers


Every day care owner and child care professional knows the world wars waged over personal toys and soothers brought to day care. Have a strict policy on this. No personal toys to be brought into the classroom.

Kiss mum and toy goodbye at the door and toy goes into bag until home time then distract the child quickly with an activity. Children are creatures of habit and pretty soon they’ll be handing the toy to you at the door without being asked. In some cases of extreme attachment, let the parent go and explain to the child that they can show their toy to their friends but then it must be put into their bag until home time. Reward the behaviour with lots of praise.

Pacifiers are a tougher one. These items are of great succour to children and there are times when they are needed (nap time maybe, child is unwell) but they can damage teeth and sometimes impair speech and appetite so I feel that my job is to minimise their use. We generally ask the child for the pacifier saying they can have it later for nap time and then distract the child so they forget they don’t have the offending item any more. Eventually, like the toys, the pacifier is handed over at the door. Don’t forget children learn by example and they will see the other children having the same pacifier relinquishing routine and want to be like their friends.

Make sure parents know your policies on these issues so you have their cooperation.



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