Toilet Training For Child Care Providers


If you have a child care service you’re going to face toilet training sooner or later. While this may seem quite daunting it really can go relatively smoothly letting the child take the lead.

It is vital to work with your day care parents on toilet training as you all must be on the same page, using the same approach. I recommend a relaxed attitude with no pressure on the child. There should be no anger at mistakes, no nagging to go use the toilet and no huge fuss when the child goes successfully (I know some people who cheer and buy presents) just some gentle praise. This is a natural process and I don’t believe in making a bid deal out of it.

Generally, children are ready at different times and this readiness manifests itself in one or more of the following ways:
* a clean diaper for more than two hours
* wakes up from a nap with a clean diaper
* child tells you they want to go to the toilet
* the child wants to wear underwear

So, you begin the process (in conjunction with the parents) of asking the child from time to time ‘Do you need to go to the toilet?’. You would take the child to sit on the toilet at set diaper change times, after lunch, after nap etc. Accidents will happen, you clean up and move smoothly along with no negative comment.

Generally speaking the children will attempt to emulate their peers and will want to toilet and wear undies like their buddies. Let them lead the way.




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