Capturing Childrens' Attention


Capturing Childrens' Attention in a Learning Environment

  • Voice delivery is very important when working with a group of preschool children.  Direct your voice and gaze around the whole group when in a circle.  Enunciate all your words.  Don't be monotone – put variety of sound and pace into your voice. 
  • Find a fun way to attract the interest of the children at the beginning of the lesson.  Use props like pictures or a costume for story telling.  Involve the children by having a treasure hunt where they have to find items around the room. 
  • Prepare and plan your lesson.  Have a theme and link it to various lessons throughout the day and to lessons that have gone before.  Don't over load the children with information – cover a particular topic over a number of lessons. Have all your materials prepared and to hand.  Evaluate how much the children have understood by having a feedback/questions section at the end of the lesson.
  • Be clear and precise in your language.  Use correct terminology and help children discover descriptive language.
  • Call each child by name and ask them individual questions. Show an interest in them personally and ask about their lives.  Have a rule that they must speak one at a time.
  • Pace your lesson and never rush it as this will confuse children.
  • When ending the lesson have a recap session and summarise what has been learned.  Incorporate clear directions as to returning to seats, tidying up, washing hands. 
  • Evaluate your own performance and see if there is anything you could have done better.

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