How to Encourage Responsiveness in Children


How to Encourage Responsiveness in Children in a Child Care Environment

  • Accept a childs' ideas and let the child know that you are listening to what they are saying by, for example, developing a lesson plan around their idea. 
  • Grow the childs' ideas.  Nurture the idea and assist the child to grow and expand their ideas through clarification, questions, discussion.
  • Be accepting of a childs' feelings and demonstrate that you understand and empathise.
  • Sometimes you need to use your knowledge of the child and the situation to gauge whether you pursue examination of the childs' feelings or not.
  • Allow children freedom to explore and learn.  You may need to facilitate and guide from time to time.
  • Avoid criticism and encourage an environment where praise is achievable and their are opportunities for success.
  • While you facilitate you are encouraging the child and growing their self esteem.
  • Really listen to what children are saying.  You will be surprised at what cues you can pick up.
  • Be clear about the end result of any activity so children understand where they are going and how they are getting there.
  • We all make mistakes.  Be sure that children undertand they too can make mistakes and it's ok.
  • Give children time to process information and to understand concepts.  Don't rush them.
  • Constantly revise and assess your expectations of the children.
  • Be real with the children. Encourage childrens' understanding of the 'whole person' with feelings, ideas, values, thoughts and beliefs.

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