PreSchool Sample Timetable


A sample pre-school timetable for the day:

Sample Pre School Timetable

9.30am-10am Shelf work – jigsaws etc

10am-10.30am Snack time

10.30am-11.30am Group activity or work e.g. arts and crafts

Painting – sponge Colouring – Crayons
Paint brush pencils

Hand/eye coordination:

• Gluing
• Cutting exercises (following lines)
• Practice writing (join the dots)
• Threading
• Weaving

Music and Movement:

Move tables out of the way.
Action songs – The wheels on the bus
Heads, shoulders, knees etc
If you’re happy and you know it

Exercises – Warm up and stretch different parts of
the body.

Sing individual songs.

• Colour (maybe colour of the week)
• Find everything in the room that colour
• Favourite colours
• The rainbow

• Shapes
• Shapes around the classroom
• Favourite shapes

• Numbers

• Letters

11.30am-12pm Circle Time

• Days of the week/months/weather etc

• My news – children talk about holidays, birthdays etc
• Story time

Group lesson:*Life cycles – butterfly/chicken/frog
*Seasons – what happens
*Festivals/important days
*Parts of the body/parts of animals
*Care of self – brushing teeth, washing
*Famous people and events
*Different countries and customs –

12pm-12.30pm Free play: *Lego
*Building blocks
*The farm

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