What Can You Say to Children About Their Art?


“I see circles in your picture.”
“You filled up the whole paper.”
“Do you have a story you want to tell me about your picture?”
“Would you like me to write something on your picture?”

“Tell me about how you made the blue lines so smooth.”
“I feel happy when I look at your picture. The colors are very bright.”
“I can see you worked hard on that.”
“You used red, yellow and orange in your picture.”
“You’ve got all kinds of lines in your picture.”
Remember – when we say something very specific about a
child’s work, it is much more meaningful than an insincere
“That’s beautiful!”… and shows that we are truly looking
at what they did.


How Creative is your “Creative Art?”…

Is there a ‘right way’ or a ‘wrong way’?…
Or is it open-ended?
Do all the pieces look basically alike?…
Or is every child’s piece original and unique?
Does it require a great deal of teacher preparation or assistance?
Or can the child work independently?
Does the activity emphasize the end product?
Or the process and experience?
Does the child need to follow a predetermined outline?
Or can the child express his/her own ideas and feelings?
Is the experience ‘Teacher-directed’ and initiated?
Or child directed and initiated?
And finally…

Dear Mom and Dad,
It may not look like much, but my scribbles are very important! Scribbling is the first step in learning to write, and I am developing the muscles I will need to hold a pencil!
Sometimes a scribble is not just a scribble!
Your toddler

Cathy Abraham


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