What Message Does a Child Get From a Teacher?


What message does a child get from Teacher – directed product art and craft activities:

The adult’s ideas are more important than mine.
In comparison, someone else’s work is always better than mine.
Different is not better – all being the
same is the goal.

Art is not about expressing myself or my ideas.
I can’t do it right.
If it’s good my Teacher will like it – and me.
I don’t have to think – just do what my Teacher says.
I don’t know what to do unless the Teacher tells me.
This is not about me or about what I want to do.

Maybe Tomorrow He could soar to the highest mountains,
by Lindy T. Redmond

He could dream in his mind
He could nurture his talents,
“Me do it,” said the 2 year old, His gifts he could now fine.
“Mom, me will do it now,”
“Oh no, my dear,” she replied, The teacher came into his room
“I must show you how!” And greeted everyone
“Let me try it,” he called at 3 “Take out your crayons and paper,
“Let me make my bed,” we’re going to have some fun.”
“No, you will have lumps in it, “Use this tracer to make a bunny
Color this instead.” And neatly print your name,
They’ll all be brown with long ears,
So she placed the coloring book They’ll all look just the same.”
Near him on the table,
“Now try to color in the lines
The best you are able.” “But I don’t want my bunny
“But Mom, I want to draw the world To stand up straight and tall
And all the butterflies, I want him crouched among the grass
I want to make the mountains tall, And to be white, that’s all.”
And make rainbows in the skies.” “They’ll be nicer if we keep
Them looking alike too,
“Color carefully,” she replied,"` Now please sit down & start your work
And color the flowers red, We’ve got a lot to do.”
Color the sky all light blue
Stay in the lines,” she said.
And as the 4 year old one day So slowly he took his seat,
His shoes he tried to tie, His eyes had lost their thrill,
His father said, “I’ll teach you how He now knew just what he’d face,
And later YOU can try.” Monotony and drill.
“Maybe later,” thought the lad,
And so it was, from birth to 5, “She’ll let me make my own,
The others told him HOW, Maybe tomorrow I can paint
They gave him restraints and set the laws My picture all alone.”
Of what they would allow.
Then one day the yellow bus So on the next clear morning,
Came right up to his door, They took their crayons out,
The little boy thought for sure “Oh boy, I’ll make the sky orange
That NOW he could explore. I’ll be different, without a doubt.”
“Color carefully,” she replied,
He now could dream and imagine “And color the flowers red,
And experiment on his own, Color the sky light blue
He could paint HIS colors Stay in the lines,” she said.
And investigate all alone. “Maybe tomorrow, maybe never.” Thought the boy as he colored the sky light blue.

1. Provides a means of communication and
2. Serves as an emotional release
3. Heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity
4. Develops and promotes creative thinking
5. Develops an appreciation for individuality
6. Serves as a balance in classroom activities
7. Assists in the development of physical
8. Strengthens self-concept and self confidence
9. Increases self understanding
10. Enhances the ability to visualize
11. Helps develop fine motor skills
12. Provides opportunities for problem-
solving and decision making
13. Provides insight and assists the adult in
understanding the child
14. Develops self-help skills
15. Illustrates cause and effect


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