Can You Prevent Children From Catching A Cold…or Worse?


The common cold is something that all children will experience and in spite of advancements in medicine they have not yet found a way to prevent it. However you can cut down on the number of colds your child gets by helping them to be as healthy as possible.

Statistics show that a child may catch a cold about 8 times a year and will normally last about a week.  There are approx 200 know cold viruses, but the most common one is known as the Rhinovirus.  They have not been able to come up with a vaccine for a cold due to the number of viruses that can cause it.

The cold virus is easily spread by sneezing and coughing and kids don't understand about germs and what they can try to do to avoid them.  The cold virus can also be picked up easily by touching a contaminated object and then touching their own nose or mouth. Once they've been exposed to the cold virus they will develop symptoms in 2-3 days.  There are medicines on the market that help your child feel better while they have a cold but they don't actually cure the cold.

If you take the child to the doctor and get a prescription be sure to follow the recommended dosage. Decongestants can help reduce the swelling of the nose lining while antihistamines will help to dry up the runny noses and reduce the sneezing. If they are also experiencing headaches or muscle pains you can give them acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Be sure to give them lots of liquids and be sure to include some hot drinks and food as this helps to ease their sore throat, coughing and helps to clear out the mucus.  Chicken soup really does help to treat a common cold.  Other options could be to use a humidifier or put them in a steamy shower. You should keep them in bed the first couple of days of a cold to give their body time to rest and fight off the cold.

The way to help your child stay well is to feed them a healthy diet, get adequate sleep and exercise. These things will help to build up a good immune system and your child won't get sick nearly as often.

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