Common Parenting Issues


How can I deal with a child that is shorter than other kids his age? Children all grow at different rates and there always seems to be that one child who is behind the others. If your child comes from a family of normal height, it is most likely just a matter of delayed growth so rest assured that he will catch up eventually.  If there are existing medical problems, or hormonal deficiencies, it is possible that your child will remain short.  You should talk to your pediatrician to have tests done if you have concerns about your child’s size.

What should I do to stop my child’s lying? Young children do not know the difference between right and wrong and fantasy and reality. So, why would you expect them to know the difference between the truth and a lie?  The best way to handle lying is to start at a very young age, impressing upon your child that the most important rule is that they always tell you the truth. You should explain to your child the reasons why lying is a bad behavior – and never let your child go unpunished when you catch them in a lie.  It is important to be consistent, and to let your child know that lying is NEVER acceptable. And be sure to reinforce this by setting a good example. You can’t expect your child to listen to you if you’re caught in a lie!

How can I help my child make new friends? Some parents become overly concerned when their school aged child is more interested in spending time alone than he is in spending time with his peers.  Know that this is not uncommon, and that many children simply prefer alone time to social groups until they get close to the teen years. However, if you suspect that the reason your child is having problems making friends is because of a personality issue then you should start addressing it as soon as possible. Figure out what the problem is, whether it is because your child is bossy, hyper, cannot follow the rules or if the problem is poor self control.  One you determine if there is a problem, you will be close to a solution.

How can I help my child develop self-esteem? Some children seem to be born with a high self-esteem. Yet others seem to continuously struggle through childhood with a very low self-esteem.  Somewhere in between lies a balance, and that is what most parents hope to help their children achieve.  If you want your child to have a healthy sense of self-esteem, you need to give him or her positive feedback at every opportunity. You can do this by providing your child with the chance to participate in activities where they are able to excel.  Then be sure to celebrate your child’s accomplishments, even the small ones.



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