Coping With Unsportsmanlike Behaviour, Sore Losers And Rivalry In Kids


How can I stop my child from being unsportsmanlike? If you see
your child acting in an unsportsmanlike way on or off the
field, it is important to point out the behavior and ask your
child point-blank why it is that they would behave in such
a way. When the child gives you the reason for their behavior
be understanding and listen. Keep an open mind also, because
sometimes what seems like an unsportsmanlike behavior may
actually be a reaction to another behavior that you missed.
For example, your child may shove another child in order to
get the other child to stop kicking him or her.  Keep the
lines of communication open, and make your expectations
perfectly clear to your child.

What are some ways I can play with an uninterested child?
Some young children, from the time of infancy, prefer little
to no interaction and stimulation from their parents and
siblings.  It is important to never give up and start
ignoring the child, because children crave and need
attention regardless of how they react.  Find out what it
is that your child likes, and share those things with the
child.  If your quiet child prefers to read alone – then
read right along with them in your own book. Finding
experiences for bonding on the child’s terms will help to
open the child up to being able to participate in other
forms of interaction.

What are some ways to get my child to stop being a sore
loser? If your child is a sore loser, then you need to
talk to the child and make your expectations known. After
talking to the child, if the behavior doesn’t stop, you
will need to remove them from situations of competition
until they are confident that they can stop being a sore
loser.  You need to appreciate and recognize your child’s
sense of disappointment – however it is critical that you
teach the child that acting out in response is not
acceptable behavior.

How should I handle sibling rivalry? There is nothing more
irritating to a parent than sibling squabbles.  This is
particularly true when there is a sibling rivalry.
Competition between siblings is healthy if and only if
the children are equally matched against one another in
sports or activities where they have similar interest and
ability. And, you need to make it clear that such
competition is only acceptable as long as there is not an
end result of fighting. It is important to recognize the
emotions behind sibling rivalries, but you should never
take sides.

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