Developing Healthy Skin Care Habits in Your Children


Studies have shown that the way we treat our skin in childhood can have a dramatic impact on health for the rest of our lives! Childhood sunburns increase risks of skin cancer later in life. Scrapes, burns or cuts received in early days can lead to lifelong scar marks. Good skin care habits in your child are essential to a happy childhood and a healthy, long life. Robin Rice, the mother of 2 and owner of Robin’s Nest Maryland child care says that parents can help by:

·       Obeying Sun Safety: avoiding sunburns is important, but so is educating children about the dangers of excessive sun exposure. Adequate hats, sunscreen, and protective clothing are always important.

·       Teaching Skin Hygiene: Educate your children to wash hands properly. Wash them with warm water and soap for at least twenty seconds, scrubbing between fingers and under nails. Kids should be taught how to use paper towels and how to dry their hands properly and also how to turn off taps and open doors in public restrooms.

·       Being Careful With Babys Skin: Using skin care products especially designed for babys skin is important, since young children have very susceptible skin. If little irritations dont seem to be going away, a visit to the doctor is called for.

·       Encouraging Your Kids to Go Natural. Natural fibre clothes, such as cotton, will cause less skin irritation than most artificial fibres. Also, some toys, novelties, and even childrens jewelry can contain chemicals and paints that are irritating to young skin.


·       Teaching About Infection and Its Danger. Even toddlers can be taught how to spot bruises, cuts, scrapes, blisters and other minor injuries. Teach your child to come to you when they sustain a minor injury and report all injuries to you. Keep a first aid kit on hand to deal with these minor wounds. Also, teach your child how to spot signs of infection and check yourself to ensure that minor injuries do not become larger worries.

by Robin Rice



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December 7, 2007

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