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Our son, Andy, had eczema from about 3 months old until we pinpointed specific food allergies and eliminated those foods from his diet. Just shortly after his first birthday, his skin cleared up beautifully. The foods were the underlying cause of the eczema. I wish I had known this when he was 3 months old. I would have avoided these foods myself, since I was breastfeeding, or would have switched him to soy-based formula. It sure would have simplified life for all of us.

We had a baby who wouldn't sleep at nights because he itched so bad. Part of the bedtime routine for Andy was jammies and socks over each hand (which had to be pinned to the jammies because he would pull them off) to keep him from scratching. One doctor we saw told us she suspected food allergies and gave us the phone number of an allergist. Another doctor told us it was just eczema and to treat the symptoms the best we could (less bathing, lighter blankets at night, topical hydrocortizone cream, even some medication for the bad spots).

It wasn't until the peanut butter sandwich incident at daycare (he was 10 months old) that we realized there really were some underlying health issues that needed to be addressed. That's when we had the allergy testing done. Through this process, we discovered that he had a life-threatening allergy to peanuts, as well as milk and egg allergies.

Andy had never slept through an entire night the first year of his life. At 13 months old, I remember the first night he slept 8 hours, my husband and I literally rolled out of our bed, to our knees and thanked God outloud for the night's sleep. We had taken turns monitoring his nightlife (as we called it) and were both exhausted. It was only the beginning of a several-month process of recovering from sleep deprivation, as well as entering into the discovery process about how to change our lives to incorporate our multiple-allergy child into the picture.

It was a challenging time and yet one we wouldn't trade for anything. It brought us closer to God and each other. I want to help others in similar situations learn to manage life and enjoy their child as they trust in God. Those of you who have a child with food allergies understand what I'm sharing about. If you've just recently found out your child has allergies, I know what you're experiencing. It can be overwhelming when you consider the changes it means for your family's life. I found that reading about others' experiences with allergies and researching the issues myself went a long way to bringing peace to my life. I hope what I've learned will help you as well.


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