From First Day At School To Encouraging Interaction..More Parent Questions Answered


How should I prepare my child for first day of school anxiety? One of the best possible situations for a first day of school is having your child walk into the room already knowing some of the other students. You can call the school in advance and ask for the names and phone numbers of other parents so that you can arrange a meeting between the children prior to the start of classes. You can also help to reduce first day anxiety by sending a special little note or sticker in your child’s lunch so that she knows you are thinking about her while she is not at home.

How can I stay on top of trends? When it comes to fads and trends, the one consistency is change. What your child is begging for one day, he will be scoffing at the next. As a parent, you will need to make sure that your child does not ‘fall behind the time’, while showing them that not every fad is worth following. It is important to be clear with your reasons when you tell your child that they cannot have a specific item. And, you need to make sure that you do allow your child to follow some fads that don’t pose a significant problem. Some parents will give in and allow their children to wear some of the more questionable teen fashions, while other parents will give in on video game trends. Still other parents will give their children the latest electronic devices. Today’s big question is whether or not children should have their own cell phones, a trend that is increasing among pre-teens and teens alike. It’s a matter of personal choice – but you will need to instill limits with your children right from the beginning.  

What should I do to get my toddler to color inside the lines? The short answer is, you don’t. Children need to feel free to express their creativity, and for younger children this often means coloring outside the lines and scribbling. Never criticize your young Picasso when he or she doesn’t do a perfect coloring job, because in most cases they are doing the best job they can! Instead hang their artwork on the refrigerator or frame it to give them a sense of accomplishment. Fine motor skill development takes several years, and it is literally impossible for most children to control their crayons to the point where they color like an expert. So, be patient and your child will soon be creating masterpieces!

How can I throw a successful birthday party for my young child? Young children function best in small groups. Therefore you should invite only a few children to attend a party in your child’s honor. After all, until your child is of school age the party is really for you and your family! A party for a young child should last only an hour or two, so that the children do not become restless, tired and develop separation anxiety. Serve healthy snacks and plan activities to keep the kids busy for most of the party time. Always enlist help, because young children need to be supervised and you will appreciate the adult companionship as well!

How can I get my shy child to interact with other kids? In some cases, a shy child will outgrow their shyness as they get older. However, with most shy children there will always be a high degree of sensitivity that needs to be respected and recognized. Putting a shy child into a preschool program might help to get them out of their shell – but try to avoid putting your younger child into organized activities with the hope of drawing them into the social scene. This can cause more anxiety than anything. Introduce your child to new activities and people slowly and always talk to the child before putting him or her into a new situation.

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