Kids Pushing Your Buttons? Arguing? Demanding Your Complete Attention?

Kids Pushing Your Buttons? Arguing? Demanding Your Complete Attention?


How can I keep my older child from pushing my buttons? Pre-teens
and teens love to make their parents angry, or so it seems.  The
best defense against your child’s attempts to get you upset is
to remain totally calm in the face of an argument.  Do not let
your child maintain control over your emotions or a situation,
otherwise you will find yourself on the losing end of a lifetime
battle.  If your child argues with you, simply respond by stating
your opinions on a situation and implement punishments that are
much less enjoyable than the excitement of you losing your temper.
This is the only way to stop you child from pushing your buttons
just to get a reaction.

How can I understand why my child loves to argue with me? Children
like power. Arguing gives them a sense of power, particularly when
you react instead of respond.  One of the most important things to
any older child is proving that he or she is right – and that
everyone else is wrong. You will never win a power struggle with a
child – so don’t allow a power struggle to evolve in the first place.
When your child starts to argue, state your response ONCE and walk away.
If you need to repeat what you said more than one time, be prepared
with consequences.

How can I handle a child who demands my complete attention? Children
like to control people and situations. That is their nature.  If your
child demands your complete attention during waking hours, you need to
encourage independent activities and wean your child off of your
constant attention.  Do not give in to tantrums, which are nothing
more than a way to get your attention. And remember that negative
attention is still attention, which is what the child wants.  Learn
to walk away after a response and don’t set your self up for a
situation where you need to go on and on with explanations of why
you need to do something other than what your child wants you to
do at a particular moment.

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Kids Pushing Your Buttons? Arguing? Demanding Your Complete Attention?