Parenting Advice: Unwind Time


Do you like to unwind when you get home from work? What is it that helps you unwind? Is it relaxing on the couch, talking with your spouse, enjoying a refreshing beverage or snack, taking a walk, doing the dishes? Think about it for a moment.

When our kids were really young, I used to give them my undivided attention as soon as we got home. I found that jumping right into making dinner only made them whine and cling more, so decided to focus on them first. They hadn't seen me all day and really needed to feel secure in my love, which meant attention. I even packed a pre-dinner snack in the car for a time when my one-and-a-half year old was always so fussy between daycare and home each night. WOW – he was so much happier once we got home.

My point is: think about your children and what they need. If you need unwind time when you get home, chances are they might need it too. Our kids like to watch "Cyberchase" from 4:00-4:30 each day while they have a snack. Then, after they've unwound a bit, they jump into chores and homework. Of course, they also know that mom reserves the authority to change the plan (for example on evenings when we have other commitments, we may have to jump right into the chores and homework and skip the unwinding – that's just life and we all learn to have a good attitude through any circumstance).

Consider your family and what changes you might make in order to motivate and inspire them. Try some unwind time.


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