Raising A Child…Tough Work!

    How can I get my children to actually USE table manners? Table manners are one of those pet peeves that all parents have and only some find the energy to enforce. Some simple rules to use from early childhood include not eating until everyone at the table is seated and served, and not interrupting when another family member is speaking. Be sure to insist that your child say please and thank you, and always stop inappropriate dinner conversations as soon as they start. These are some simple things that you can impart on your children so that in the future when they are dining with others, you can feel confident that they will be on their best mealtime behavior.

    What should I do to teach my children phone etiquette? Telephone etiquette is a must. In order to teach your child to use proper phone etiquette, you must use it yourself. A young child will imitate mom and dad when answering the telephone and taking messages. When you answer the phone and take a message, ask ‘who’s calling please’ and then immediately grab a notepad and pen to write down the message. Designate a message area, and show your child that you put messages in this spot for the recipient. Your children will imitate your behavior, but it is a good idea to reinforce these ideas by correcting your child when he or she does not take a message and simply hangs up. It will take a few years for your child to develop good phone manners, but unless you want to miss important messages in the future it is worth taking the time to make your expectations clear.

    How can I develop a stronger bond with my child? The answer is simple; spend more time with your child! An idea that you might want to try is cooking with your child one night every week, trying new recipes that are kid friendly and fun to make. You might also want to consider having a game night very week, or going to the library together to get some fun books you will both enjoy.

    How can I raise a well-behaved child? The most important role model that your child will ever have is you. If you want your child to behave, then you need to pay attention to what you do and say in front of your children. For example, if you would prefer that your child use correct English instead of street slag – don’t use street slang in front of your children. If you expect your child to be properly dressed, you also need to be properly dressed. And, if you want your child to learn to control his or her temper – then you also need to control your temper. Your child is watching and learning.

    How can I make sure I’m raising a child who goes after what he wants? Encourage your child to explore and to expand his horizons at every opportunity. This does not mean putting your child into dangerous situations, rather it means putting your child into safe situations where he may sometimes feel intimidated. Encourage your child by offering positive feedback and more encouragement! Children who learn to test their surroundings and push their limits will become more well rounded adults.

    How can I raise a child who follows the rules? Rules come in all shapes and sizes throughout the course of our lives. Therefore, it is very important to teach your children from a young age that it is important to follow rules. A good way to dissuade your child from following rules is to constantly break and complain about rules in front of them. If you want to raise your child to follow the rules you need to be their number one role model. This may mean stopping for more stop signs – but remember that when your child starts driving they will still be paying more attention to what you DO than what you SAY.

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