Start A Day Care – Everything You Need On 2 DVD's


Secrets Of Starting A High Profit Day care Revealed In Under 2 Hours  On Our Step by Step 2 Disc DVD Kit!
Shows You How You Can Quit Your Job, Make More Money And Stay Home With Your Kids!

Never Leave Your Kids Crying At A Strange Day Care Again!
10 Year Child Care Veteran Spills How Anyone Can Quickly Childproof Their Home, Plan Activities, Make Licensing Agencies Happy And Start Playing With Kids Fast… For Profit!
  You can with our 2 disc DVD Guide which includes:

·       The Ultimate Start A Day Care DVD Guide

·       DVD Interview with an Experienced Day Care Provider

·       The Day Care Staff Induction Guidelines Video

·       Day Care Business Plan Video

·       The Day Care Staff Induction Template

·       The Day Care Business Plan Template

·       All the sample forms, contracts, policies and letters

·       Videos that talk you through 12 of the more complicated forms


 'The information you impart is worthy, not just for beginners either … everyone in the business would do well to give you a listen.'

  Linda Newell, Massachusetts USA , Child Care Provider

Here's just a sample of what you'll discover from the DVD kit…

  • A simple plan for a prosperous, 6 figure child care business…
  • Tips for specializing in full day care or half-day care, depending on how much time you want off!
  • No-sweat steps to quickly getting the proper permits in your home state.
  • How to protect yourself financially with different child care insurance policies.
  • The quick and easy way to get the proper licenses ASAP!
  • Design tips for making your home childproof.
  • How to make important fire drills fun AND effective.
  • Fill your day care up fast by joining these local organizations and networking associations.
  • Proven policies and rules to set from day one to keep kids out of trouble, and save you a ton of hassle.
  •  Important steps that must be taken immediately if there's an accident.
  • Tips for creating the perfect "Parent Handbook" to both inform them and win them over. 
  • How to find a qualified staff through advertising and interviews. (Including managing the application process and important reference checks.) 
  • Advice on making fun but healthy foods.
  • Having fun with daily activities while setting timetables and routines. 
  • Advertising secrets for both local and Internet based methods (that have been crucial to making me $1,500,000 over 10 years!)

And much more…

 Day Care Staff Induction Video And Template

  We all know how important it is to conduct thorough staff inductions and training, especially in the child care industry when you are responsible for so many vulnerable little beings. But, where do you start?  How do you know you've got everything covered?  Not to mention the hours it takes to go through the initiation process with a new employee.

Your worries are over with my Guidelines for a Day Care Staff Induction Video.  I have formulated a comprehensive induction program with an explanatory video highlighting the necessary elements of a staff initiation program plus I include a template that you can personalize to suit your needs.  My Induction Program includes:

    *     * How you should welcome your new employee ensuring they are introduced to all aspects of your day care i.e. the building layout, all relevant paperwork, relevant personnel, emergency procedures etc.

        * General day care rules so you have the peace of mind of knowing that all your codes of practice have been covered.

        * Step by step instructions on daily health and hygiene routines and tasks.  Your employee will come away with a complete understanding of your hygiene procedures.

        * Training on the importance of, and exactly when hand washing should occur.  This is such a vital aspect of a healthy day care and often overlooked.  You won't have to worry about cross infection in your business.

        * A step by step guide to the correct hand washing procedure.  Rest assured that all the hands on your deck are germ free!

 DVD Interview With A Passionate Day Care Provider

Kitty Slattery has been caring for kids her whole life and at the spritely age of 55 she opened her own day care in 1999.  Kitty came to the day care industry late in the game and had to learn fast….but boy did she learn.  This woman is a font of practical knowledge and common sense.  She is passionate about what she does, and is a veritable inspiration to anyone considering starting a day care.  I talked to Kitty at length in an attempt to pick her brains regarding starting and operating a day care.  In her interview with us she covers:

    * Practical tips on getting started so you can get your day care operational super fast.  She imparts vital, common sense tips so you can get set up with minimal stress.

    * How you can avoid the problems she encountered starting out – forewarned is forearmed!

    * How to effectively advertise your day care so you fill up in no time.  Find out Kitty's Number 1 tip for advertising so you get clients fast!

    * How to successfully enroll a child ensuring you have all the correct paperwork and have imparted all relevant information to parents.

    * The best way for you to settle in a new child so that the first day goes smoothly for all concerned.

    * You learn vital methods for effective settling in of an upset child – avoid the traumatic scenes all too common in other day cares.

    * How to handle the daily challenges of running your day care.  Practical ways to deal with stressful situations and restore calm.

    * You learn how to effectively deal with the dreaded 'Tantrums'.  Kitty's experience and common sense make dealing with unruly children a breeze.

    * Get a heads up on other unusual problems you might face when caring for kids so you're prepared.

    * You learn exactly what paperwork you should have to hand throughout the day so you don't get caught out.

    * You can have a great playground and Kitty tells you how and exactly what you need.

    * You get to benefit from Kitty's years of experience, her passion and practical common sense.

And much more!  Let Kitty give you a practical heads up on what s involved in running a day care.  After all, forewarned is forearmed!!

 Day Care Business Plan Template and Explanatory Video:

Day Care Business Plan Template and Guidelines.  This includes an explanatory video during which I talk you through all the necessary elements of your scorching hot business plan.

Everyone dreads the ‘Business Plan’ but, you need one in order to get started so, I’ve included my Day Care Business Plan Template.

·       Easy to use and edit for your own business – you’ll have your plan finished in no time.

·       You get tips and hints that will make you really think about what is involved in getting your business started and will help speed you on your way to success.

·       I personally narrate a video, literally talking you through the business plan for your day care… there can be no doubts or gray areas!


Staff Training DVD – Additionally, I am giving you a vitally important Health & Safety Training DVD which covers:

    * Correct Diaper Changing Procedures will ensure that your staff are doing it right and you won't have to worry about contravention of health and safety legislation or the risk of cross infection.

    * Fire Safety Program and Evacuation Drill Guide – you and your employees will know exactly what to do in the event of a fire!

    * Manual Handling – This will show your staff the correct way to lift thus minimizing (if not eliminating) the risk of back injury (and possible law suits) in your day care.

This staff training dvd is worth $100 plus.  Why?  Think about how much time it will cost you to train your staff yourself….every time.  Not to mention what it would cost you to create your own training DVD.  I’m licensing you to use mine!

Just think how much time and worry you can save…..instead of spending 2 hours inducting a new day care worker the Staff Induction and Training DVDs will enable you to get on with other important jobs whilst your new employee is watching these vitally important training tools.

  OK, so that's:

·       The Start A Day Care DVD Guide

·       The interview with Kitty Slattery

·       The Day Care Staff Induction Guidelines Video

·       Day Care Business Plan Video

·       The Day Care Staff Induction Template

·       The Day Care Business Plan Template

·       Al the sample forms, contracts, policies and letters

·       And your FREE Staff Training DVD Bonus you can use to get started right away.

Our training covers everything that isn't blatantly obvious, so matter what your needs you'll be able to get set up appropriately.

"…Saved Me Dozens Of Hours Of Research…"

"Start a Childcare DVD is an exceptional resource for anyone interested in starting their own childcare business. It answers so many questions and queries that I had. Trying to dredge through all the websites and government leaflets to even get half an answer to a query about childcare has been a nightmare. Having this DVD has made life so much easier. Even for someone unsure about starting out on this path it will, in a short time, give you enough detail to make an informed decision on whether this industry is for you."

"This course has saved me dozens of hours of research and trial and error. It will be a resource I'll return to time and time again over the next few months and beyond. Thank you Fiona for so an extraordinarily clear and concise DVD."

Sinead Toomey

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