Daycare Franchises? Montessori Day Care? So Many Choices!

The realisation that starting a day care is a pretty enormous task slams into you as you slide your resignation across the desk to your ex boss.  Weighty questions must be tackled, decisions must be made e.g. Montessori day care or Steiner, daycare franchises or go it alone and the to do list continues to grow.

A day care franchise can be a great, no fuss, instant business way to go.  First off you'll get the benefit of instant brand recognition thus making it easier for you to gain customer loyalty.  Generally there will be a development process in place to help with funding acquisition, unit selection, the construction process, getting licensed, training and launching your business. 

Ongoing direction and support for staff may be included in the package along with a proprietary curriculum and building design templates.  Operations manuals will make hitting the ground running a breeze and having the use of a recognized brand for advertising may well mean a busy opening day. Home office support can be part of come franchises also.

There is no doubting the appeal of all of the above.  However, franchises are extremely pricey and require an upfront financial commitment plus proof of a healthy net worth (and that’s before you even open your doors).   Now, where did I leave that goose with the golden egg laying capabilities?!

So, to the curriculum question.  There are many, excellent programs to choose from so you really need to do some thorough research to establish which method might best suit your day care (or you could just draw straws :-)).  Ever helpful I've included a list of some of the more popular curriculums with a brief explanation to get you started:

  • Play based -  children learn through focused play
  • Montessori – development is observed by the teacher, who neither interfere nor get in the way but support the child
  • Waldorf Method – based on the concept that the children must love to learn therefore they learn through play, imitation and imagination. 
  • High/Scope – teachers are facilitators as children have responsibility for their work and learn through doing
  • Reggio Emilio – focuses on the natural development of the child in relation to their environment
  • Piaget – interaction based
  • Steiner – based on the belief that education should be designed to meet the changing needs of children as they develop

While daycare franchises may not be the route for you they definitely have a lot of appeal to those with a little extra cash and not much time.  Your curriculum definitely requires  lots of thought and whilst I find my Montessori day care to be a wonderful learning environment, so to are many of the other excellent methods. 


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