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Anyway, my own personal story is probably quite typical.  I had a great career in electronics but when my third child was born I was faced with having to find someone outside of my family to care for my kids so I could work … a *gasp* stranger!   The thought scared me to death so I resigned as an electronic technician and started my daycare (before quitting, I made sure I had at least two children lined up so I wouldn't be without income).

I would guess that within the first two months of doing daycare, I went from my original two kids to about 5 or 6 kids, and have been going that strong ever since (with the exception of this past several months, when I've only had two full timers and am looking/hoping for more!).

Going from a career I'd been at for 17 yrs to suddenly staying at home with little ones was quite an adjustment, but I don't regret it and still love what I do.   I take pride in the things I do with and for these kids, and for the parents too, and have built a good reputation for myself.   I completely understand the anxiety involved in finding childcare for their children, so can empathize with them when I meet them.   My goal is to send them off to work without worrying about their little ones.

I'm going on 13 yrs in childcare and don't see an end in sight.

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July 8, 2008

mary miller @ 10:08 pm #

i'm a certified nursing asst and i wouldlike start my own daycare but i'm afraid. so what do i do to take that fear away.

thank u
mary miller

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