My Canadian Day Care Start Up Story!



Many of us provide daycare in our own homes- it is a home/family business. Others have a separate facility.

I learned a lot from speaking to my city's registry of daycare providers.(Co-ordinatead Access for Child Care ) They provided me with a large binder handbook, regular newsletters, government regulations, tax help, a help line for child car providers. All for free.  They also provide courses at nominal rates. I talked with a lot of providers in my area. That and talking here on this site has given me  a lot of information and knowledge. And like a lot of people- I learned from my mistakes.

I try to be professional- but I think a lot of us here have our ups and downs. While my daycare is a business that helps to support my family- it is more than a business too. kwim? Because it takes place in my home and my dh and children are part of it. Working with children is also different than working with adults or in a factory. They are little people who can be extremely demanding and then the next minute you get hugs and kisses and told you're the best. I feel that I am helping to nurture little people. Investing in little children. For some of the kids I look after, I am almost like a second mom (or an auntie). I have some kids in my care 5 days a week for more than 10 hours a day. I try to comfort, play, teach. And I also try to teach and model manners and kindness and respect. And that is amazing to me.

I love that I free evening and weekends. I like that I can attend school concerts and sports days. I get to walk my kids to school and be home for them at the end of the day. I can usually have supper started and a few loads of laundry in. I spend time outside everyday playing. My days have a rhythm of activity followed by quiet time to activity again.

There are also challenges. Filling vacant spots, doing extras (or parents expecting them), late payments…worrying about the uncertainty.

I don't know if I'm a success story. I get to stay at home, I set my own hours and choose who I want to work with. But those are often long hours and sometimes I work more often(perhaps am fuller) than I want- because as a family we need the money. Most of the parents I work with are awesome- they are hard working people who want a safe environment where someone will care for their kids.  So if having that kind of respect is success, I guess I have it.

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April 6, 2008

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