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I was the 2nd born of a large family of 6 children. My family was very nurturing, and children have always been very special, loved, and cherished. My mother was a stay-at-home mom, and did casual babysitting for some years for friends and a few other people, for extra spending money. (Not as an organized career of child care provider.) There were always extra children around at our house! I always had a special love for little ones. In our middle-school years, my younger sister and myself held a “Little School” in our basement for the many neighborhood kids. We read books, did simple counting games, and color, number, and letter recognition games, as well as some simple addition. It was a big hit and the kids were always asking when we would have “little school” again! I also was a popular babysitter in my teen years. Among my regulars were two families with twins, and several large families.

After graduating from high school, and dropped out of nursing school, I worked for a few years as a nurse’s aide. Then went back to college. I happened to find the love of my life there, and we soon married.

Motherhood was high on my list,…but it didn’t happen. Four and a half long years were consumed with long trips to infertility specialists, surgeries, procedures, fertility drugs, and the extreme emotional ups and downs associated with it all. Finally we gave birth to our “miracle baby”, and there was NO WAY I was going to miss any part of motherhood! When she was a baby, I started taking in babies of close friends as they went back to work. By word-of-mouth I was always taking care of children, and when our second daughter, 3 ½ years younger than her sister, started kindergarten, I became a licensed provider.

Our daughters are now young adults, living away from home at college and beyond. And still I continue to love my chosen career of family child care provider, in my home. I have been licensed and doing child care in my home since 1991. Since 1995, I’ve been working on high quality standards for myself and my daycare, by working on and receiving my CDA Credential (which since has been renewed), WECA Accreditation-(Wisconsin), NAFCC Accreditation-National, and in 2003 I received my Infant / Toddler Credential.(another Wisconsin Professional credential) In addition I have taken other early childhood classes, and have been very involved in the early childhood field by serving on various boards and committees and conference planning. In my daycare I have served families of diverse race/cultures, and children with diverse needs.

I love what I am doing, and love continually working on being a better provider. There is always something new to learn! I am a proponent of lifelong learning. It can get isolating to do child care in one’s own home, but growth happens by getting out and interacting with other providers, be it by taking classes in early childhood, working together to put a conference together, interacting together at a support group for child care providers, and much more.

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August 19, 2008

Rhonda, Day Care Provider,Wife, Denver @ 5:41 pm #

When I read your story—second child of six children, your mom did child care in home while you were growing up, it started a love and well being of children in you—I thought—WOW! You could be me!

I couldn't resist writing to you—-I also do child care in home, I am a Pre- school and Kinder teacher over twenty years now and can still say how I woudn't have missed it for a minute.

Sincerely, Rhonda

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