Starting A Day Care Center – Marketing Locally

You're starting a day care center and you don't want to spend a fortune, you just want to market your day care effectively in your locality but the burning question remains; 'How do I do it?'.  Believe it or not, it is not impossible and simply requires a little work and ingenuity.  Your first port of call should be the printers with your stationary order which should comprise the following;

- Letterheads
- Business cards
- Small flyers/brochures for distribution. These should offer a tantalising taste of all that is good about your day care including;
- Your contact details
- What your day care offers in terms of curriculum, additional services e.g. afterschool, drama classes etc.
- Let the flyer be a vouchere e.g. present the flyer and get one week free.
- Anything extraordinarily special about your day care that makes it stand out from the competition.

Think about paying a couple of kids or even enlisting the services of a flyer distribution company to distribute flyers on cars (focusing on cars with evidence of
child activity).  Don't break the law so double check the appropriate city ordinances before you go plastering your town with advertising paraphenalia.

Check with your post office about doing a mass mailing and ensure you target housing developments with a young family population (although I have many Gran'ma's receive my flyer and recommend my service to their kids!).

Next it's time for you to step out and do a little leg work and local networking.  On this particular mission think places of congregation for locals, especially
anywhere they have to hang around for significant time periods with nothing to do;

- Any and all clinics where pregnant women attend…do I need to spell it out?
- Dentists and doctors surgeries – those waiting rooms are crammed full of potential clients.
- Let the creative juices flow and think of anywhere you might have a captive audience who would idly pick up your brochure.

Trawl around for;

- Check out public buildings for community notice boards
- Stores that post advertisements (or just ask nicely!).
- Local financial institutions – banks and credit unions often have bulletin boards.

Try to arrange a meeting with the local schools and see if they would allow you to post a flyer on their notice board.  Sweet talk the prinicial or careers officer and try to arrange doing a talk on child care or the day care business for the P.T.A. or a careers class (it's all exposure and building trust locally).

These are just a few easier ways of marketing locally when starting a day care center.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get yourself out there.

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