Tips on Purchasing a Day Care Computer


Having the right tools to effectively manage your business is imperative, regardless of the type of business.  This is particularly true if you are planning to open a day care. A vital tool in the daily running of your day care so it runs efficiently is a computer. This wonder machine can be the backbone of your business keeping track of day care payroll, general accounts, your day care scheduling and much more.  I would consider the purchase of a computer to be a necessity when setting up your day care.  Here's a few tips to help you purchase your child care business computer.


During the start up phase of your day care business make a list of all the things you would have your computer do in your child care service. In the child care service industry, this list may include budgeting, expenses, payroll, parent contact information, employee records, and more. This list is vital when you go to purchase your system as it will indicate to the sales rep exactly what your requirements are and ensure that you get what you need to run your day care successfully and efficiently. A computer can be a pricey purchase so make sure you are getting the best from your investment.

Another important consideration when choosing your day care computer is what kind of operating system you would like on your machine.  There are many options so you might want to do a little research.  Often, people who don't have a lot of experience using computers will opt for a Mac and the appeal of their simple user interface.  However, those with a little more experience in computers may prefer a Windows operating system. This decision very much depends on your expectations and experience so get your list out, see what you want your computer to do in your day care and do a little research on available operating systems.


 Another consideration when purchasing your day care computer is whether or not you require it to connect to the internet. Internet access can be very helpful for your day care business providing a wealth of information on educational methods and materials.  You will need to figure out how important internet is to you and how you will connect i.e. wireless, dial up or high speed access.  Make sure your computer can handle whatever method you decide to go with.


Expertise is invaluable so before you purchase your day


care computer speak to someone who is knowledgable in this area. It is vital you understand what type of hard drive, RAM, monitor, printer and other accessories your day care computer will require. Bear in mind cost and availability of parts and items replaced regularly e.g. ink cartridges. Consider the possibility that your day care may grow in the future, can your computer grow with you? You will also often  need to ensure that many of these items are compatible with any day care software or programs your child care business will be using.  You need to be certain that your computer can handle any software and still perform efficiently.  You don't need a slowpoke computer at your day care.


There are many different places where you can purchase a computer when starting a daycare business. My tip would be to shop around. Get advice and pricing from various sources then compare the results before making a decision. This way, once you set up the computer in your child care business, it will be exactly what you need to smoothly operate the business.

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December 17, 2007

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