Why Daycare Regulations Are Good And Necessary



Daycare regulations like it or not, are necessary.  Many view them as an inconvenience, designed to make our lives more difficult and a constant reminder of the increasing red tape in our day care businesses.  Although our world in general appears to becoming more bureaucracy happy much of this legislation exists for a reason.  More importantly, much of it is there to help protect those who are most vulnerable in our society.

 Minimum standards of care are the bedrock of daycare regulations despite being seemingly stringent.  Quality, early childcare that is constantly improving and evolving can mean so much more than the rulebook.   My service benefits from my inspections and regulations because I use them as a yardstick, as a guideline for how my service could be improved.

 I don’t view them as a criticism of what I do but as a priceless workbook that inspires and aids me to further improve upon what I am doing.  If I were to hire an expensive consultancy firm to evaluate the effectiveness and quality of my business I don’t believe they would provide me with as much relevant, valuable information.  We get it all through our daycare regulations and inspections. 

 I keep a copy of the regulations for my region posted on the notice board in the entryway to my day care, one on my desk and one in the staff room.  Following my inspections the report becomes my bible, my ultimate focus until such time as I have addressed every issue raised therein regardless of how minor.  Then, I post the report (you guessed it), in the entryway, on my desk and in the staff room with an ‘Actioned’ sticker beside each suggested improvement.


In my experience, the ‘points’ raised in the report tend to be helpful tips towards operating more effectively and safely on day to day issues rather than pointing out major violations.   I take these tips seriously and rush to implement them because they are coming from a veritable font of daycare regulations knowledge – your inspections team have been there, done that and wear the tee shirt daily.

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